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In the saturated medicine market, we connect, with innovative technological solutions, integrated in a single ecosystem, patients to doctors, doctors to companies, companies to consumers, facilitating access to quality health and valuing the medical professional with more opportunities.

Technology and science that transform. Connections and knowledge that unite.

As a Health Tech, we seek to revolutionize the healthcare market in Brazil by developing various integrated technology solutions.

Innovations in the health area have never been so sought after in Brazil or in the world. There has never been so much demand for solutions that help the system as a whole to be more efficient, whether in the adoption of preventive actions, accessibility of health services or increasing the productive capacity of the agents that make up the chain.

Doctors, students, private clinics and hospitals, government and public institutions, all connected in one place.

A space where everyone can share knowledge, information and innovative solutions to work towards a more accessible, less bureaucratic and more technological medicine.


The world of health in the palm of your hand.

It is our “medical delivery”.


Exclusive accounting solution for the medical field.​

For PJ or CLT professionals and medical companies, small or large.​


A dive into the digital universe of health.​

An exclusive social network for the area.​


Here is the future of investments and health.​

It is not new that Health Techs are gaining ground in Brazil. According to data from a survey carried out by Liga Ventures, in partnership with PwC Brasil, the number of startups with solutions for the health sector grew 16.11% in Brazil between 2019 and 2022. 1.79 billion, distributed in 36 mergers and acquisitions in the period.

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